Prices and specifications of Tesla Model 3 2022

Prices and specifications of Tesla Model 3 2022

Prices and specifications of Tesla Model 3 2022

 The Tesla Model 3 2022 is a small Tesla vehicle that has enjoyed tremendous success since it first entered production in 2017. It is the best-selling electric vehicle worldwide and the first electric vehicle to sell one million units worldwide. This is due to the vehicle's unique features and a long range of up to 600 km on a single charge, as well as its affordable price, which makes It's among the better solutions available.

The exterior of the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has not changed from its predecessor, the Model 3 2017, in terms of exterior styling or exterior dimensions. The Model 3 has maintained its status as a small sedan (20% smaller than the Tesla Model S), and it has also maintained the same exterior styling. Quiet at the front, which lacks a front grille and has standard LED front lights in addition to a panoramic roof with an arcing design.

Tesla Model 3 2022 interior

The giant 15.4-inch touch screen in the center of the dashboard, which can be used to control the various functions of the car, is largely responsible for the Tesla Model 3's distinctive interior. This allowed designers to do away with all control buttons on the console or on the dashboard, with the exception of two buttons on the steering wheel.

Prices and specifications of Tesla Model 3 2022

The front seats are supportive and pleasant, and the panoramic roof, which runs the length of the cabin and gives passengers with unusual illumination, adds to the interior's sense of room.

Prices and details for the 2022 Tesla Model 3

The car is now offered in the RWD rear wheel drive category, the AWD long-term category, and the Performance category. The specs and costs of these three categories differ as follows:

Price and specifications of the Tesla Model 3 2022 Class RWD, rear-wheel drive:

18-inch alloy wheels

Weight 1760 kg

Loading capacity is 651 liters

One motor on the rear axle

491 km range on a single electric charge

Electrically adjustable front seats

Heated front and rear seats

Heated steering wheel

Electrically controlled and heated side mirrors

Ceiling tinted glass

Bluetooth feature

Smartphone wireless charging feature (two phones)

15 inch screen

Satellite navigation system

Voice activation system

Wireless internet inside the car Wi-Fi

Remote control system with some functions using a smartphone

rear camera

Upgraded audio system and 4 USB ports

Auto Pilot driver assistance system

The price of the 2022 Tesla Model 3 in the RWD version starts at $47,650.

Long Range AWD Specifications and Price

The AWD Long Range series adds the following specifications to the previous list:

Weight 1,844 kg

Two engines with AWD all-wheel drive

602 km range in one electric charge

Audio system with 13 speakers

LED fog lights

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD starts at $54,500

Tesla Model 3 2022 Performance Edition costs and features

Performance Edition adds the following specifications to the previous list of specifications:

20-inch alloy wheels

Range 547 km

High performance brakes

Carbon fiber rear spoiler

Aluminum pedals

Lowered suspension

The price of the Tesla Model 3 2022 Performance Edition starts at $61,300

Engines and performance specifications:

Prices and specifications of Tesla Model 3 2022

The Tesla Model 3 2022 falls under the RWD category and has an electric motor that transfers power from the wheels to the rear axle and is powered by a 60 kW/h lithium-ion battery. It takes the vehicle 6.1 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, and it can go as fast as 225 km/h. Per electric charge, the distance traveled is 491 kilometers.

The vehicle is an 82 kWh battery-powered long-range AWD with two electric motors that together provide 364 horsepower and 510 Nm of torque. This category's Tesla Model 3 2022 accelerates in 4.4 seconds, reaching a high speed of 233 km/h, and covers 602 kilometers on a single electric charge.

The best-selling electric vehicle in the world has the same motor configuration as its predecessor, which consists of two electric motors and a battery, with the exception that the Tesla Model 3 2022 now has a top speed of 261 km/h and a range of 547 km on a single charge. Its torque has also increased to 639 Nm, while its horsepower has increased to 450 hp.


Prices and specifications of Tesla Model 3 2022

The battery of the Tesla Model 3 2022 in the AWD and Performance variants can be recharged using a DC fast charger of type V3 Supercharger so that it can cover a distance of 121 km in 5 minutes and 290 km in a quarter of an hour.

When using standard AC power, the average battery charge speed for the AWD version is 71.3 km/h and for the Performace version, it is 63.9 km/h.

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