Learn about the features and specifications of the Mitsubishi Xpander 2021


The Mitsubishi Xpander 2021 is a substantial crossover vehicle produced by the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi and renowned for its cutting-edge styling and potent performance. Thanks to its many features, cutting-edge engine, and cutting-edge technologies, the car has been able to increase its popularity among family vehicles. The first generation of the car has a unique and elegant design.

Mitsubishi Xpander 2021 specifications

Mitsubishi Xpander from the outside

The 2021 Mitsubishi Xpander's exterior design incorporates the most recent Dynamic Shield front design from the Mitsubishi Motors MMC brand, which represents the harmony of dynamism and strength. 

A sense of security is added, and the vehicle's unique wide black wheel arches, door trims, and massive 17-inch alloy wheels emphasize the MPV look. Silver roof rails are also incorporated into the outside design to increase load capacity.

Inside the Mitsubishi Xpander

The omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) spirit design is present throughout the cabin of the 2021 Mitsubishi Xpander, highlighting the family vehicle's practical side. Together with automatic air conditioning and air vents, the new interior color scheme features a distinctive pairing of black and brown with a silver grille trim strip to give the cabin a smart and opulent appearance.

Given that the second row seats are higher than the first row seats and the third row seats are higher than the second row seats, the 2021 Mitsubishi Xpander has the advantage of adjustable movie seats. You'll also notice the third row's back storage space, high ceilings, and lack of intricate control buttons when you use it. The Mitsubishi Xpander 2021 is a useful family vehicle thanks to these features.

Technology and infotainment of the Mitsubishi Xpander

The Mitsubishi Xpander 2021's technology and entertainment systems have a lot to offer, like a 10.1-inch touchscreen that works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a digital instrument display with Bluetooth, USB connections, and a 6-speaker sound system.

Mitsubishi Xpander engine

The 2021 Mitsubishi Xpander had a single fuel-efficient engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters, four I-shaped cylinders, and front-wheel drive. It was capable of producing 103 horsepower and 141 Nm of torque.

Moreover, the engine can be coupled with a four-speed automatic transmission to give the vehicle a top speed of 180 kilometers and a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of 14.5 seconds. 4.4 liters of fuel are used by this fuel-efficient engine for 100 kilometers.

Safety and driving assistance systems in the Mitsubishi Xpander

technology for lane control and steering assistance. alerting of nearby dangers. lane-keeping technology. Side impact defense that is active. aid in side parking braking function for emergencies. Linear steering with park assistance. Backing assistance.

Mitsubishi Xpander prices

The Mitsubishi Xpander 2021 has an average cost of around $700, which naturally varies depending on how frequently people use their cars. It can be purchased for the following amounts:

First-generation Mitsubishi Xpander costs $17,000. Second-generation Mitsubishi Xpander, $18,400.

Why should you buy a Mitsubishi Xpander?

The Mitsubishi Xpander of 2021 sports a sophisticated exterior, a roomy interior, cutting-edge electronics, a standout engine, and cutting-edge safety systems. These characteristics distinguish it as a family vehicle and grab everyone's interest.

Comparison between the Mitsubishi Xpander 2021 and the 2020 model

The Mitsubishi Xpander 2021 and the 2020 models do not significantly differ from one another, thus there is no basis for comparison.

The main differences between the Mitsubishi Xpander

There are two models of the 2021 Mitsubishi Xpander, with the main differences being the choices and features.

The Mitsubishi Xpander's drawbacks

The Mitsubishi Xpander 2021's attractive exterior design, roomy interior, and ample storage capacity are just a few benefits. The Mitsubishi Xpander's poor acceleration and complicated infotainment system are its drawbacks, though.

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