Tips to avoid Road accidents


Driving is taste, art, and morals, according to several driving schools. This phrase encapsulates what a driver needs to possess in terms of education, talent, self-respect, and other qualities in order to be able to prevent Road incidents from endangering himself and others.

In this article, we provide you with data and statistics on global road accidents as well as guidelines and advice aimed at lowering your risk of getting into one. We discuss things that must be done before driving and the first thing that must be done when riding in a car, rules that must be followed to prevent traffic accidents, advice on how to drive safely and lower your risk of getting into one, and other topics.

Statistics and figures on Road accidents in the world

In addition to the 50 million people who suffer from severe injuries as a result of road accidents, the World Health Organization estimates that 1.36 million people die in road accidents each year, half of whom are non-drivers such as cyclists and pedestrians. For children and young adults, traffic accidents are the main cause of death. age range: 5 to 25 years.

As a result of medical expenses and lost productivity, traffic accidents cost most nations about 3% of their gross domestic product. What makes the loss even greater is the fact that 90% of road accident fatalities take place in developing and low-income nations.

As a result, using a child seat properly with a seat belt in place reduces the likelihood that a child will die in a traffic accident by 60%. It is also believed that following traffic safety instructions by drivers, passengers, and pedestrians would significantly reduce traffic accidents. For instance, wearing a seat belt reduces the likelihood that front-seat passengers will die in an accident from 40% to 50%.

Therefore, it can be said that following traffic rules and recommendations, having a good infrastructure, and receiving appropriate medical care after accidents; All of this would result in a reduction of traffic accident fatalities by more than 70%, meaning that more than 800,000 people may avoid dying as a result of their adherence to rules.

Car safety tips to prevent Road accidents

Sudden breakdowns account for a significant portion of accidents, and the majority of these breakdowns can be prevented by regularly inspecting the safety of the car. This is because the condition of the car is crucial for reducing traffic accidents and reducing the dangers of an accident if it does occur.

To make sure your automobile is safe, check the wheels, the engine's cooling water and oil, the front and rear lights, the side turning lights, the brakes, the heat sensor, the glass scanners, and the seat belt.

In order to prevent accidents caused by burnt-out engines or failed brakes, make sure to receive regular auto maintenance services.

Make sure your vehicle has a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher that you replace on the designated date, a reflective triangle, also known as an emergency triangle, a backup wheel, and metal chains if you live in an area that receives significant amounts of snow.

Do not drive with broken mirrors or broken lights.

Safety precautions before driving

Make sure that every step taken to ensure your safety and prevent traffic accidents is sufficient to lower the risks of an accident from the minute you get behind the wheel. When you start the automobile, keep in mind that your family is waiting for you and loves you.

preventing Road accidents is the first thing to do when traveling by car.

Adjust the level of the steering wheel and your seat so that you are in a comfortable position and can control the vehicle fully.

Before you leave, make sure to adjust your mirrors for the best view.

Always put your glasses on before moving around if you wear them, and never drive without them.

Put on your seat belt

Avoid changing discs while driving and make sure to turn on your recorder before you leave if you enjoy listening to music while driving.

Driving skill tips to avoid Road accidents

The general consensus among drivers is that I am the only experienced one, and they are all newbies. Always drive wisely and professionally by adhering to traffic rules.

Driving a car is a task that requires total focus because it is an activity that engages all of the senses. As such, focus solely on driving; do not perform any other tasks, no matter how easy they may seem.

The driver should extend his or her forearm to the fullest extent while holding the steering wheel with both hands. Some drivers prefer to bring the steering wheel closer to their bodies with bent elbows, but if they are suddenly required to turn, they will find it very difficult to do so unless their hands are free to move.

Always keep in mind that the car is not a place for celebrations, arguments with spouses, or disciplining of children. Driving is the only thought you have while operating a vehicle.

When passing large vehicles that block your front view, you must be more cautious and overtake on the left. You should also refrain from attempting to pass a vehicle whose driver is refusing to cooperate with you.

To prevent serious collisions, be sure to keep an eye on the Road in front of and behind you. You should also be alert for any lane changes or sudden traffic jams.

Utilize the mirror when turning and changing lanes, but keep in mind that there is a blind angle that the mirror cannot show you. When turning or changing lanes, you must be cautious.

Before turning, make sure to use directional lights.

10- If you drive different cars, you must always be aware of the vehicle's measurements.

1 Make sure you are driving in the proper lane; the left corridor is the fastest and most likely to cause an accident.

It is preferable to fully avoid operating the vehicle when the weather is odd.

Tips while driving to Reducing road accidents

- It is strictly prohibited to use a mobile phone while driving, and audio conversations should be avoided at all costs. Also, keep in mind that accidents can happen in less than two seconds of distraction.

Don't snap a selfie or stream live while you're driving! Let Bajji to return home.

Drive without eating or drinking.

Avoid smoking while driving because it contributes to accidents.

Never lead while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you're feeling drowsy or weary or your mood isn't the best, take a bus or train instead of driving. Make sure your prescriptions are always with you in the car if you suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Car driving tips for women

Make sure to wear flat shoes or you can drive barefoot because heels make it difficult to handle the pedals.

Avoid applying makeup while driving.

Save social media engagement for another time; the only thing you should do in the car is drive.

Tips to maintain children's safety in the car

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit in the front seats of a car. Because of their size and limited reflexes, children are more likely to be seriously injured in Road accidents. It is therefore strictly forbidden for children under the age of 12 to sit in the front seats.

Make sure to tie the seat belts and secure it properly before placing your child in the designated child seat with the back of the chair facing the back of the front seat.

Never attempt to teach your son to drive before he is of legal driving age, and never teach anyone to drive in a location not designed for driving instruction.

Do not leave your child in the car alone or one second

Other tips to avoid the risk of Road accidents

Avoid driving at night unless absolutely necessary, and keep in mind that safety precautions like maintaining a safe distance increase at night.

Avoid driving in inclement weather, and if it suddenly changes, park the car as far away from the road as possible while operating the red light.

If a sudden problem occurs, park the automobile outside the yellow line on the far right, set up the emergency triangle, turn on the quadruple lighting, and call for assistance.

Watch out for young people and the elderly crossing the street, bicycles and fire bicycles, animals, and big cars.

Passing an orange traffic signal is prohibited, as is accelerating during a green traffic light.

Nothing is more essential than your safety and the safety of your loved ones, therefore slow down and be aware that every 1% faster speed translates to a 4% higher risk of a deadly collision.

Avoid altercations with other drivers, and at the very least, seek assistance from the authorities.

Turn to the far right, turn on the four tappet, and contact immediate assistance if you get any unexpected symptoms.

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