Mitsubishi Attrage 2022, know the specifications and features of the car.

Mitsubishi Attrage 2022

Mitsubishi Attrage 2022, know the specifications and features of the car.

The Mitsubishi Attrage  is an economical automobile with tiny dimensions that falls within the sedan category. This vehicle is offered with modernized and improved characteristics. Discover with us the most crucial details of the Mitsubishi Attrage 2022, as well as the most crucial benefits and drawbacks of the brand-new Mitsubishi Attrage, in this post.

Specifications of the Mitsubishi Attrage 2022

In terms of engine and performance, as well as interior and exterior design, this vehicle meets international standards. Learn more about these specifications:

Dimensions of the 2022 Mitsubishi Attrage

The Attrage, 2022 release, is a mid-size car. Here are the dimensions and weight of the new Mitsubishi Attrage:

The length is 4305 mm overall.

There are 1670 mm in overall width.

1515 mm in height overall.

The 2550 mm wheelbase measures.

940 kg in gross weight.

The gasoline tank has a 40-liter capacity.

Attrage 2022 Engine and Performance

The Mitsubishi Attrage has superb mechanical specs that result in a powerful and standout performance. The following are its specifications:

A cost-effective 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder engine is the only one available for the 2022 Attrage.

At 4000 revolutions per minute, the 1.2 liter engine produces 78 horsepower.

A five-speed automatic transmission is coupled to the 100 Nm of torque.

From 0 to 100 km/h, the Attrage accelerates in under 14 seconds.

About 4.8 liters of fuel are used for every 100 kilometers, or 20.8 liters per km.

Additionally, the Mitsubishi Attrage has a 170 km/h top speed.

Fuel efficiency is 4.2 mpg on the highway and 4.9 mpg in the city.

Regular gasoline is the fuel type, and an electronic fuel injection control system is employed.

Mitsubishi Attrage exterior specifications

Mitsubishi Attrage 2022

The following are some of Mitsubishi's exterior design features for the 2022 model year:

The alloy 15-inch wheels on the Attrage.

The automobile gets a redesigned front grille with overlapping front lights.

Additionally, the front bumper is bigger than it was in earlier iterations.

Above the door knobs on the exterior, there are some sleek design lines.

The exterior of the windows has a black frame.

Slim vertical stop lights are available on either side of the front bumper and small rear spoiler.

The car has outside side mirrors and turn indicators.

The rear of the car has an airy rear bumper with longitudinal reflectors.

There are front fog lights and LED tail lights.

The presence of a spoiler on the edge of the rear trunk of the same color as the exterior bodywork.

Specifications of the Mitsubishi Attrage from the inside

Its interior design requirements are as follows because it is distinguished by including lovely interior improvements that satisfy customers:

Seven passengers can fit in the interior cabin's 5 seats and 4 doors.

A 7-inch touch screen is available in the central console of the Attrage.

High-tech dashboards are present.

The Mitsubishi Attrage's cabin features plenty of room for passengers.

Both the front and back seats are covered with cloth.

An electrically operated panoramic sunroof is present.

Small goods can be stored in pockets on the backseats of the car.

Mitsubishi Attrage 2022

The heated, flat, and leather-wrapped steering wheel.8

There are six manual adjustments for the driver's seat.

The front passenger seat can be moved in two directions manually.

The car's front and back seats can both be folded.

The Attrage has a computer that calculates the mileage in relation to the amount of fuel left in the tank.

There is an electrical parking brake on this car.

Rear windows on the Attrage can be defrosted.

Additionally, the center armrest is collapsible.

The 450 liter volume of the back luggage compartment.

adaptive cruise control to automatically maintain the vehicle's speed.

  Features of the Mitsubishi Attrage

In addition to several security and safety systems for the driver and passengers, Mitsubishi offers a wide range of luxury and technological features:

Luxury and connectivity features at Attrage

The following are the most notable of the high-tech, eye-catching features of this car that make long-distance trips easier:

It comes included with a 7-inch Touch Information Display (SDA).

Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay are both available for compatible handsets.

There is an AM/FM radio in this car.

The Mitsubishi Attrage has a CD player with an auxiliary audio output and an MP3 recorder.

A Bluetooth device can communicate with auto equipment.

separate climate controls for a dual-zone climate system.

There are USB and AUX jacks.

The most important safety and security features available in the Mitsubishi Attrage

When releasing upgrades for its vehicles, Mitsubishi aims to meet all protection and safety criteria for both the driver and passengers. Accordingly, the following features have been introduced to the 2022 Attrage:

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) is a feature that activates an instrument panel warning light.

There is an anti-lock braking system (ABS) available that aids in steering control.

To improve braking performance, electronic brake-force distribution is offered for all four wheels.

By halting the car's reversing, Hill Start Assist Control (HSA) works.

For the driver and passenger, front and side airbags with an additional restraint system are available.

Vehicle stability is maintained and sliding is avoided with the aid of the Active Stability Control System (ACS).

In the case of a collision, seat belt pretensioners tighten the front seat belts.

The vehicle has keyless entry from Clever.

A full car start button is available on the Mitsubishi Attrage.

Problems and defects of the new Attrage

Mitsubishi Attrage 2022

As is the case with all cars, which will not be free from some defects, this car contains some defects and problems, which are as follows:

The vehicle moves forward extremely slowly.

Due to inadequate insulation, loud noise is transmitted from the engine to the cabin at high speeds.

There aren't many driver aid and safety features.

Owners find it challenging to sell it since it is difficult to resale.

excessive road noise when traveling quickly.

In comparison to other classes, the cabin is constructed of inferior materials.

mitsubishi attrage 2022 prices

Prices for the Mitsubishi Attrage 2022 start at about $10,900 for the standard version, while the price for the full option version is about $11,400.

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