Mini Cooper 2023 prices and specifications

Mini Cooper 2023

Following BMW's acquisition of the Rover Group in 1994, the Mini Cooper 2023 made its debut in 2000 as a new version of the old classic Mini. Three generations of the small car that belonged to the small car category were then introduced. The car is offered with 3 doors or 5 doors during these years, with the third generation undergoing an update in 2022. In this article, we'll learn more about the costs and features of this prestigious vehicle.

Mini Cooper 2023 from the outside

The automobile's iconic classic design has generally been preserved to a significant extent, making it simple to recognize it as a Mini car at first glance.

Mini Cooper 2023

While the roof was painted with a distinctive color gradient utilizing the most recent paint techniques, the car's body features a variety of colors and unique design elements.

Mini Cooper 2023 interior

The newly created sports leather steering wheel with multi-function buttons is featured inside the vehicle as a standard feature in all Mini vehicles. 

Mini Cooper 2023

The primary driving data is shown on a 5-inch digital instrument panel that is located behind the steering wheel. There is an 8-inch touchscreen in the cabin as well.

Mechanical specifications

The vehicle had a 6-speed manual transmission and a 3-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine that produced 136 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque. The front axle of the wheels will receive power from a 7-speed automatic transmission, giving the vehicle front-wheel drive and allowing for quick acceleration. It has a top speed of 200 km/h and can accelerate to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds. The average amount of fuel used by the vehicle to travel 100 kilometers is 5 liters.

Mini Cooper 2023

The 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine in the Cooper S variant produces 178 horsepower and a top speed of 235 km/h.

The same engine was used in the John Cooper Works version, but it produced 231 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque, and an 8-speed automatic transmission was an option.

Mini Cooper 2023 price

The Hardtop 2 Door model of the 2023 Mini Cooper costs $23,400 as a starting price. The 4 Door model costs an additional $1,000. Starting at $28,400 is the Convertible.

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