Prices and specifications of Tesla Model S 2022

Tesla Model S 2022

Tesla Model S 2022: The 2022 model of the Tesla Model S now came with several external improvements, while most of the Updates to the car's interior, as we will see in today's article. The Tesla Model S is the first fully electric sedan to be offered for sale in global markets, and after the car began to be manufactured in the first model in its production form for sale in 2012, the car was updated several times during the previous years.

According to the company's website, the Tesla automobile has one of the world's longest ranges for electric charging, with a range of 652 km on a single charge, and its operating software is continuously updated wirelessly via the Internet, exactly like smartphones.

The exterior of the Tesla Model S

The exterior only required minor adjustments. Several people could find it challenging to tell the Tesla 2021 Model S apart from the previous version at first glance. The front, which features a redesigned front bumper and a narrow front grille, is where these changes are most noticeable. Also, the front and back lights have been modified to improve their strength and beauty. On the other hand, the car gave up its outside chrome window trim and bumper decorations.

Tesla Model S 2022

The car's fundamental design was unaffected by these upgrades, and the battery is still located under the floor, giving it a low center of gravity that improves its stability on the road and lessens the likelihood that it will flip over in an accident.

Tesla Model S 2022 interior

The appearance of the car received only minor upgrades, but the inside saw several noticeable improvements, such as the rectangular steering wheel that mimics the steering wheels of jet jets or fast race cars and symbolizes the Tesla's supercar-like performance capabilities.

Tesla Model S 2022

The center console also underwent a clear update process, and the screen is no longer vertical as it once was. Instead, it has been integrated into the dashboard and has been improved in response. The air conditioning vents in the cabin have also been updated and have been taken from the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, and the back seats have received new upholstery. It boasts a brand-new 8-inch touchscreen and center console.

Specifications of the Tesla Model S 2022

Two versions of the Tesla Model S 2022 are available: the two-engine Model S version and the three-engine Model S Plaid. As we will see, these two variants differ in terms of their features, performance capabilities, and pricing points.

Specifications of the two-engine version

652 km is the range (distance covered on a single battery charge).

A maximum speed of 250 km/h is possible.

zero to 100 km/h acceleration in 3.2 seconds

a pair of motors to provide the vehicle's all-wheel drive system with power

road noise reduction technology and a 22-speaker audio system

Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones

Tesla Model S 2022

center 17-inch touchscreen control panel

a front-range instrument cluster screen measuring 12.3 inches

back seats with an 8-inch touchscreen

Every passenger's seat will be heated.

heated windshield and steering wheel

air conditioning system with three zones

Filter for air-quality Interior lighting

UV and infrared protection features on all windows with a shaded glass ceiling

The trunk has a capacity of 793 liters.

Security and safety specifications

auto-emergency brake

blind spot surveillance.

warning system for impending collisions.

warning system for side collisions.

lane-keeping technology.

Daytime running lights with LEDs.

Overheating protection system for the cabin.

Specifications of the three-engine version

Tesla Model S 2022

The comfort and technological characteristics of this New version are the same as those of the previous one, but it has a third engine added, giving it a total power of up to 1,020 horsepower and better performance capabilities.

The range is 637 kilometers (distance covered on a single electric charge).

A speed of 322 kilometers per hour is the maximum.

acceleration takes 2.1 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h (best in the world)

In 9.23 seconds, the 402-meter quarter-mile track is completed.

The price of the Tesla Model S 2022

The price of the regular, two-engine version of the 2022 Tesla Model S starts at $117,000.

As for the Plaid version, the price of the Tesla Plaid 2021 starts at $147,000.

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