Solar-powered Lightyear 2 retails for $43,000

Solar-powered Lightyear 2 retails for $43,000

Lightyear announced the start of taking orders for the Lightyear 2 at a price of 40,000 euros, which is comparable to about 43,000 dollars, at its participation in the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show.

The business previously unveiled the Lightyear 0 model, a full-fledged sedan available for $260,000, as the first solar-powered vehicle.

It appears that the business intends to proceed with its plans to offer an electric automobile that can operate totally on solar power.

Unlike the Lightyear 0 model, which will only make 150 copies, plans for the Lightyear 2 include producing hundreds of thousands of copies and releasing it on the market. It appears that the company was attempting to persuade both consumers and investors of the viability of its concept.

Since the emphasis of the unveiling at the Consumer Electronics Show was on a few ambiguous teaser graphics and five distinct promises, the Dutch business did not disclose many details about the new generation of its electric automobile.

The first and most significant pledge is to provide the vehicle for just 40,000 euros.

Lightyear 2 solar car

The new automobile will only need to be plugged in to charge at a rate that is one third slower than that of normal electric vehicles because of the solar panels, and it will emit half as much emissions.

Solar-powered Lightyear 2 retails for $43,000

The on-board power collectors of the vehicle can increase the battery's range, up to about 800 kilometers, depending on the weather.

According to Van Laanen, a business executive, this generation of solar-powered vehicles best exemplifies the company's original mission statement: offering consumers an inexpensive solar-powered electric vehicle.

Before making its ambitions to produce the Lightyear 2 before the end of 2025 public, Lightyear had to quickly form a number of collaborations for this purpose.

According to the firm, the majority of the 21,000 pre-orders for the new generation of its electric vehicle have come from rental car agencies and ride-hailing services like Uber and Careem.

Will Lightyear be able to upend the electric vehicle industry the way Tesla did? I have no idea. The concept is excellent, but it must function flawlessly before being used as a daily driver.

For instance, Tesla is still well-liked in North America and a few nations in Europe and the Middle East but hasn't gained as much traction as vehicles with internal combustion engines.

However, Lightyear will have a good chance of succeeding if everyone switches to sustainable energy and electric vehicles.

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